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Meet Elisabeth: 

With a degree in business and a masters in personnel development, Elisabeth has been coaching business leaders and CEO’s for 30 years, specializing in mindset, purpose and goal setting, so they can achieve more success in their business and life. A few years ago, after suffering from burn out, stress and depression, she discovered energy work and hasn’t looked back.


Being an avid learner, Elisabeth has now introduced many energy and holistic modalities into her coaching, consulting and training practice, to help her clients achieve faster results: NLP, energy healing, intuitive coaching, reiki, advanced theta healing, quantum reiki, transcendental meditation, crystal energy healing, quantum hypnosis (and many more) and is also certified in stress management, clinical nutrition and life & life purpose coaching.


Working with the mind, body and spirit (consciousness) she helps her clients to transform their lives, by changing their energy, perceptions and beliefs and achieves this through 1:1 sessions, corporate training and online courses.


A highly experienced and competent consultant and corporate trainer in the fields of performance management, sales training, organizational development and change management, her focus is on improving motivation, increasing productivity and implementing an aligned vision and shared culture into the workplace. 


If you wish to learn more about how our energy, consciousness, heart and the subconscious mind are the route to more success and our full potential in life, then tune into her podcast – Our Energetic Universe - which explores the latest science behind spiritual and esoteric knowledge. 


Or read her new book – Work Your Energy – where she has researched and documented the science of energy healing, consciousness, multidimensional living and more in this fast growing area of research.

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