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Doing What Works

We will show you how to discover a way to know yourself, every step of they way

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Individuals, Couples, Families & Groups

Stressful thoughts about our lives and situations, are the cause of all the anger, sadness and frustration we experience and not life itself.  These feelings hold us back and keep us from living freely and fearlessly. 

We offer a way to learn how to be free.  We'll show you exactly what you need to question any thought that would prevent you from a full and happy life.  Individuals, couples, families or groups are all able to benefit from this powerful life-changing method and will take tools with them for the future.


Children and Students

Children of all ages are vulnerable to life's challenges every bit as much as adults are.  How they express their fears and sadness can range from not talking about them to eating disorders, or worse.  This child-friendly method offers each and every child the opportunity to learn for him/herself, life changing tools to carry with them throughout their lives.  They learn to manage bullying, exam fears, educational pressure, family stress, relationships and body image issues with ease and joy.  After each session, what used to hurt them, simply doesn't anymore.

Leadership, Corporate & Professionals

Whether you are running a small, local business or looking to build a worldwide company, the benefits of our cutting-edge method cannot be overstated.  We offer the tools as a very powerful mechanism for producing new and improved results.

We are entering an era where there are fundamentally new requirements of Leadership. The BEST thing Leaders can do to improve their effect is become more self-aware.

This is GOOD news. YOU can do that and we can help you.  We work with organizations to help them realize the power of their people.

These tools are exceptional for getting people in the room and present which helps them to move very quickly towards strategies and solutions.


To know one's self is GOOD business.

Role Play

At MindReset, we not only provide the solutions to your business needs, we also provide Actors to assist in Roleplay, Realplay or Forum Theatre simulations

Using Actors provides a platform to show the visual side of the problems that most businesses face.  This is a powerful tool for audiences of all ages.


With Forum Theatre based skills, we become the character and you the audience become the Director, changing each outcome to suit your needs.  Our team comprises professional working Roleplay Actors with strong Corporate business experience.


Previous and ongoing clients are:  Standard Chartered Bank, The Meydan Hotel, UAE Government and many others.


For information on our Roleplay division, call +971527947427

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