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"I didn’t have that nightmare since our work. I noticed about 2 weeks ago during a walk that something felt different. I then noticed it were my eyelids - the lead was gone out, they were so BIG. My eyes were so much more open, like when l was 17.  l feel so much more rested. My heart rhythm slowed down. The extra beats have become gentler. My nerves are relaxing. My mood is brighter. I don’t have to be on the watch all the time any more. I like going to bed. It feels soft and comforts me.  My life has changed. There is a spring in my steps again. I had forgotten what it feels like. Trish, l know it worked in me, but l feel it happened because of your brilliant facilitation. You walked me straight through the nightmare, the real situation in my bed and fleeing out of it, and through being in hospital 29 years ago. I will always remember that in my entire life. I have the feeling you gave it back to me by lifting the old concrete and let me find peace and sleep again. Thank you."


"Trish's unique combination of an empathetic nature and the ability to provide you the tools of self help are hugely beneficial in, not only understanding the root of your negative thought patterns, but also in aiding you with any future situations". 


"Tricia, I wanted to thank you for today! I feel like a window has been opened and a weight has been lifted from me.  I don't know how you did it but you are an amazing  person with amazing talent and I can't wait until the next session.  Thanks again!"


"I was fortunate enough to find Tricia and her team for our Annual Sales Meeting in 2017.  She accompanied us in Ras Al Khaimah, and took us through some incredible steps to help us lift whatever we saw as obstacles, and helped us see them all as opportunities.  My team were energized, enthusiastic, communicated clearly and authentically, shared and felt understood and invigorated.  Needless to say, she has been working with us for the past 3 years (2017, 2018, 2019) on individual sessions and again, our Annual Sales meeting.  The effect of her coaching method and what she brings to each session is indescribable.  We enter the room with doubt and negative beliefs about the economy, the market, our competitors, our pricing, our colleagues and we leave the sessions impatient to get back to work.  I don't know how she does it - but she does it.  I would highly recommend Tricia for any business that needs to bring people together, to improve performance and to live a happier, healthier life.  Worth every dirham!  Thank you Tricia from me and my whole team."


Tricia, I just want to tell you how very grateful I am and want to say honestly how much that our one session has changed my life so much!! I can’t actually believe it, as I thought I would need so many more due to the extent of my stress & anxiety, but you showed me so much about myself and how to remedy my situation that I could not see, or work out myself. In those couple of hours, you gave me the tools to fix myself essentially, and make me see that I wasn’t completely broken (like I thought). You brought a logical explanation to my issues and I instantly felt better thanks to YOU - because I now understood what was going inside my head, FINALLY. You gave me hope and a light at the end of the dark tunnel, and I cannot thank you enough! You are one very special lady and I love your approach to issues of the mind. I have been through many counselling sessions for various reasons in the past but yours was the most rewarding and beneficial by far. I was blown away by your kindness as you went above and beyond – extending our session for longer than was arranged (for no extra cost – bless you). Even after one session your aftercare and concern were second to none! Especially advising me on literature to check out to further help me out and understand myself, my issues, and help me stay on track in the future. It’s so obvious you really do care about helping people fix themselves and are not just in it for financial gain and it really shows, believe me. It felt like I had known you all my life in those couple of hours, and that is down to you and your total understanding & professional knowledge of what I was going through, and how to solve it all – more importantly. Well Trish, you have made a lifelong friend in me now and I would happily recommend you to anyone that needs help with stress, anxiety, or depression etc.  


Tricia is truly amazing! Working with her has helped me to walk in my truth and stop making life decisions based on other peoples’ opinions and expectations. It has been truly liberating and often one session has been enough to get clarity on a certain situation. What I love most is that Tricia takes her time, always making sure that one leaves the session satisfied. Tricia is a beautiful, compassionate soul, extremely professional and very passionate about her work.


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