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I am YOU.  I have had heartbreak, I have had childhood trauma and issues, I have had teenage bullying, parental divorce, young adult challenges, marriage, divorce, children, parenting, balancing work and home, accidents, health issues, body image issues, loss, grief, financial pressure...I am YOU.

We are much more similar than we are different.  Like you, I have thought “I’m not good enough”, “I need more money”, “Noone cares about me”, “Everyone is happier than me”, “I should be able to cope”, “I can’t do it anymore”, "They are going to fire me" etc.   I have thought what YOU have thought.  This is because we all think the same stressful thoughts.  We ALL have the same limiting beliefs, which keep us feeling small and in pain.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have beautiful children and to have had day jobs to pay for further education.  I studied as a young mother alongside my children who did their homework and lo and behold, I found myself with a BSc and MSc in Psychology.  My life changed.  I gathered even more tools, such as a Diploma in Performance Coaching, on this journey and changed countries for me to now be here with YOU.  It was hard at times, it was easy at times but it was WORTH it always because I found my true calling, to help people in whatever way I can.

I work with you, as you. We are the same and we are limitless. I can simply help you see this.

I support people on an individual basis and in families, couples, groups and teams, in person and online. I feel the most fulfilled when I connect to people. I’ve participated in many training sessions, Corporate and Personal development and all I know is that if there is no connection, no shift, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Change really does come from within and when it does, we are fearless. 

My work is based on connection, no matter what the situation. I don’t work from a place of inequality or power, I work with you, as you. We are the same and we are limitless. I can simply help you see this.


We know that stress affects us all, at any age, in any situation, and can seriously damage our body and physical health, our relationships, our work life, our finances, our sleep and our wellbeing. As a French-English speaking Psychology graduate and Performance Coach, with more than 20 years of experience with individual clients and in the Corporate setting, I offer people the opportunity to see their lives from different angles. 

In a Corporate setting, Teams, Groups, and Management come together in workshops to understand what exactly is holding them back from loving their work, performing at their best, being really good at their job, communicating better, managing conflict, absenteeism, hiring well, firing well and disengagement. We see and hear everything that is important to those at the top and those they manage and we help them to work on what they can't see.  We help to improve the intangible.  We guide them to enjoy and thrive when they thought it was impossible.  

My sessions and workshops help people to see the power within them to make the changes they have been waiting for. The wait is over for someone else to "fix" something and an exciting life begins. The shift from fearful to fearless is immediate. My clients discover, very quickly, that they are their own solution.  They tell me that what used to cause stress, no longer does. 

These sessions show you how YOU get to help YOU.

It’s wonderful news to know that YOU are the one you've been waiting for all along.


Nice to meet you

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