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Measure your ROI:

Companies fail for many reasons, one being that the people in the company give up. For whatever reason, they just give up. It might be due to relationships, self-belief, pressure, work/life balance issues or their earnings, to name a few. Business needs thinkers, but what thoughts will take your employees from struggling to successful? How does a manager see what's really going on in the employees' minds? How do they measure self-doubt, stress, and disengagement? How do we know that management isn't feeling the exact same way? In a safe and confidential space, we iliviate management of that responsibility and offer them tools to not only support employees in the future but also, themselves.  In some organizations where management and employees are open to understanding the power and impact of their thoughts, they can learn a new way and therefore become equipped for any decision, any action necessary to get the business to the top.


This work harnesses optimal thinking. It offers tools to help your teams get out of their own way and create the results you want. This work is different. It's insightful, it's empowering, and it's measurable. 

Before working with your teams, we find that some employees are frustrated, exhausted, demoralized, feeling unappreciated, overwhelmed, and lacking confidence and commitment. It shows in their daily behavior and your business. However, after working with your teams using this cutting edge process, a healthy, strong working environment is reborn, encouraging enthusiasm, trust, creativity, responsibility and commitment, and you can see MEASURABLE RESULTS! 


During the sessions, we take a good look at the thoughts that we share in the workplace and what resonates with us all, and we question those limiting beliefs. Those limiting thoughts and beliefs lose their power over us through that questioning, and we are free to move forward with a clear, fresh, and excited mind. What we think is the cause of our frustration and stress often isn't.


Knowing yourself is GOOD business. 


A successful business is an inside job.

We offer Workshops to address :

  • Sales improvement / Reaching targets and beyond

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Stress Management

  • Women's Empowerment

  • Hiring and Firing the right people

  • Communication improvement

  • Optimizing Resources

  • Surviving and Thriving after CoVid

  • Burnout Prevention

  • Post-performance review fallout

  • Loss of colleagues/friendships due to redundancy and other issues.

"Tricia, in our toughest year in history, we hit our targets.  We were way off before you came and helped us to see opportunities and not obstacles.  We can't thank you enough... your ongoing coaching helps us to stay awake to our full potential.  Thank you is not enough"

David W - CEO - Events and Marketing company - Dubai

"Tricia, we brought you in to help our teams feel supported and what we got was a whole lot more.  People are energetic, inspired, empowered, optimistic, enthusiastic.  I'm not really sure how that happened but sitting in your sessions seemed effortless and yet life changing.  What I took away as the Wellbeing Manager, was that we are often unsure of how to really help but I'm so happy to have opened up those days for you to come and work with us.  We are also very much enjoying the ongoing One-on-One coaching sessions.  Remarkable insights are coming from them.  THANK YOU!  I am very happy to offer my testimonial for others."

Maja - Legal Director and Wellness Manager - Multinational Logistics Firm - Dubai

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