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What We Can Do For You:

Families are busy, emotionally charged, demanding creatures... 

Interactions can take a bad turn and we don't know how to come back.  Mothers and sons, Fathers and daughters, parents and kids...  It can be very challenging.

We offer an opportunity to sit and listen to each other, to work together - albeit reluctantly - and see where this simple and yet powerful process can take you.  This is a caring, calming process which allows us to see each other so clearly without our stories.  We witness each family member breaking free from painful experiences and learning a new way of living.

We are open for sessions 7 days a week and evenings so that there is always time for you to get together.

Come and meet your family for the very first time... yes you, son, daughter, mother, father... YOU.

"Trish, our family has transformed.  The boys talk to us and we talk to them.  We don't fight, we listen, we talk, this is monumental!! After 3 years of tears, fighting, threats, fears... how lost we were!  Life is so much better, WE are so much better.  I'm so grateful for your work with us.. we are a true family for the first time! How can that be?? I don't care.. it is! thank you so much"

Angela, Dubai - mother of 2 teenage boys, married for 18 years.

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